Discovery Shows how our planet may be a lot different than we might think

Is there an ocean hiding inside the earth?

Human has only penetrated about 8 miles into the earth. We have filled in sense 3,992 miles with things.

A discovery made in 2014,  shows how our planet may be a lot different than we might think.

University of Alberta professor Graham Pearson led an international team of scientist, analyzing a cheap diamond that yielded priceless inside.



His team analyzed diamond found by artisan miners in the Juina area of Matta Grosso.

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Brazil, in 2008, inside the brownish diamond they accidentally found a mineral called ringwoodite. Ringwoodite had been found in meteorites before but, this was the first time. It was found in the earth. The ringwoodite was significant because water was trapped inside it and it was formed about 250 to 350 miles below the planet’s surface.

The so-called “transition zone” between the upper and lower mantle.

This suggests, there is an ocean inside the earth and that ocean “might have as much water as all the world’s oceans put together”.

The ringwoodite discovery is a major step towards confirming that there is water inside the earth.