Mother Sentenced 10 years to jail, She left her child to die and Went Partying for a week

A young mother has been sentenced 10 years to jail because she left her child to die in her house while she went partying for a week with her friends, according to the police of Russia.


17 years old Viktoria Kuznetsova faces 10 years in prison over the death of her 9-month-old child Egor.

From Rostov in western Russia, Kuznetsova waited until her husband had been called up for military service before locking her 9-month-old son Egor.

She stayed in the college accommodation for a week while her child slowly starved to death, according to reports.

She posted on her Facebook account after the one day of locking her child “everything is ok” and she is “hanging out with Nastya” and further she dyed her hair black.

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The neighbors became suspicious when they didn’t see either Kuznetsova or Egor and called the police.

When police unlocked the house they found remains of the child in the house.

According to Russia report, when staff asked about her child she told, her child was staying with her aunt.

The mother was arrested and she told police that she didn’t want to care for the baby.

Her devastated husband wanted a divorce from her.