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What Is Personality Development And How Society Affects Our Attitudes And Behaviour?

The man is a social animal and spends his life being an active part of society. A society is a group of people carrying different sects of life living together. This environment affects everyone in a different way and thus it is different for every individual. In addition to it, it spans over life sections as home, schooling, and practical life in interaction with society. These are the factors that involve in developing our personality and moreover, certain events in a society also have a variety of effects varying from pleasant to wired ones that shape our attitudes, behaviours and responses to actions.

Early life social effects

At the very first place, home is the place where we get blueprints of our lives which we follow throughout. The beliefs of parents, their social order and ingrained nature depends on that environment. Living in the same society, every individual got different personality grooming and attitudes but a common belief presents that people who are born and bred in the same culture share common personality traits. A theory of cultural relativism presents that personality is obtained through culture and not biology.

Learning stages:

Society is a great teacher in itself but traditional education centres are institutions carrying different dimension of thinking and inject certain beliefs in minds of people. While living in the same society, people develop different approaches towards different issues. Society plays a huge role in moulding our behaviour, character and attitude. It determines how we see other people, their general outlook, and their ethics. Whatever the institutions teach regarding their education but they must have a responsibility of nurturing the positive effect of society, while discouraging any negative impacts on life and behaviour of students.

Practicality of life

When a man passed through initial stages of life, he gets permanent and un-alterable beliefs, attitude and behaviour and his personality has been developed on certain social patterns under which he lived. As he entered in practical life, he starts practising those behaviours in society and society gets effects and vice versa. This behaviour has to go with his life but still there can be certain events that pose drastic changes in personality as loss of beloved one, any severe accident and some other things. The rate of crime and how law enforcement responds to it also play an important role in affecting the behaviour as everyone is a witness in society. In the same way, political turmoil, wars and revolutions pose unbearable effects on personality. Besides it, gender specification is another subject of great importance in this regard. In the 21st century, social media is playing an important role that sometimes alters the beliefs of people because they have round the clock interaction with social media. The round the clock interaction is the worst thing you ever get with anything.

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