Youngest Mother In Medical History Still Refuses To Reveal The Truth 78 Years Later

1938, the youngest mother in the history of medical gave birth a baby. She had a son named Gerardo when she was only 5 years old.

You would think that it is impossible but it’s true.

Many years ago the young girl Lina taken to the local hospital in Pisco, her parents thought that she had a huge tumor in her stomach. But they shocked when doctors informed them that her daughter was actually seven months pregnant. She gave birth to her child through the cesarean section on May 14, 1939.

At that time she was only five years, seven months and 12 days old.

According to doctors, this incredible pregnancy could be possible because she was born with a rare condition known as “precocious puberty.”

This condition is early-onset puberty.

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Her first menstrual cycle started between two and three years old. And when she was 5 years old, she had fully developed breasts, advanced bone maturation, and pelvic widening.

Because she was so young, so sexual abuse was immediately suspected. Police arrested her father on suspicion of rape and incest, but he released due to lack of evidence.

Some people thought that she might have been present at one of the indigenous festivities celebrated in the Andean villages. “These often ended in orgies where rape was not uncommon.”

From that day, Lina never revealed her father, nor any circumstances surrounding her impregnation. And now she is 83 years old and she still refuses to give interviews or speak about the past.