World Is Wondering Why Trump Fired His Communication Director

Mr Scaramucci is a leading businessman at Wall Street and takes part in politics of United States. He was appointed a communication director to the president trump but after getting an appointment, he started lobbying against his colleagues and faced severe criticism on his behaviour. He involved other media reporters for manipulation against his opponents in the White House.

Mr trump appointed Mr Kelly as chief of staff and he began his day by issuing an order of removing Scaramucci which shows the adherence to the morality in the White House. Remember that  Kelly was appointed on Friday and he met with President Trump and asked for random access to the information comes and out of the oval office as it had been given in the past and communication director like Sacramucci would not be allowed to move through improper channels.  John F.Kelly, a new chief of staff at the white house, took his office on Monday and recommended Trump to dismiss Scaramucci for his inappropriate behaviour. He stated that in order to inculcate discipline and regularity in the staff, certain tough actions are needed. To regulate the affairs of Oval Office, spokeswoman to Trump, MS Sarah Sanders told that President has given full authority to the new chief of staff and all other staff would report to him while Trump will supervise all the matters in person.

The spokes women of Trump also confirmed that Trump was unhappy with his behaviour and steps he took declaring them inappropriate in a position he had. It is to be noted that he remained in the office for just 10 days and two senior officials Reince Priebus, Kelly’s predecessor and Stephen K Bannon, chief strategist of white House. He asked the reporter to declare Priebus a psycho patient and spoke vulgar lines against Bannon, a chief strategist.

Soon after his dismissal, it came to light that he did not get that position on merit but nepotism was observed as he has the support of Trump’s daughter and son in law. While making an introductory presentation at the white house, he appeared as a smart man and told the participants that he would report directly to the president without involving any intermediaries such as Mr Priebus and Sean Spicer. Mr spices relieve of his duties on the same day when Scaramucci blamed him on leaking some information to reporters and for undermining President Trump. It was quite interesting that this like was about him, in person when CNN reported that Mr Kelly is unhappy with the removal of Director FBI.

As the white house is considered the most powerful presidential house of the world, thus its affairs must be regulated in a perfect way and all information proceeds to the President should pass through proper channels for keeping records. The removal of Scaramucci, though was an embarrassment as it was the first official at white house who was removed within ten days of his service.

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