Japan Calls For Denuclearized World On The 72nd Anniversary of Hiroshima

On August 6, 1945, US bomber B-29 dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, killing 150,000 people and following this attack, another bomb was detonated three days later on Nagasaki, killing 75000 people. A major part of its inhabitants and whole infrastructure were destroyed. To pay the homage to killed, on 6th August, Japan observed an annual ceremony at Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park where they lit lights in a river next to atomic bomb Dome in Hiroshima. On the occasion, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe called the world to enhance cooperation to end nuclear weapons from the world, to make the world nuclear free.

He reiterated that no other nation can understand the havocs of nuclear attack because Japan is the only state that suffered a nuclear attack. He stated that “For us to truly realize the world nuclear free, the participation of both nuclear weapon states and non-nuclear weapon states are necessary”. To ensure cooperation, President Obama did visit Japan for the first time to Hiroshima and showed his resolve for this cause.

U.N General Secretary António Guterres issued a statement in which he calls the United States and other nuclear weapon states to get rid of nuclear weapons. He said that it will be only the dream of making the world nuclear free which must be realized for the collective cause. Later on, United Nations made an agreement to initiate a move to ban nuclear weapons all around the world but it is much interesting that the proponents and parties to this agreement were all non-nuclear states while all nuclear weapon states refused to be a party to this agreement, a slap on disarmament theory. The critics of this agreement argued that it can do nothing with hostile designs of North Korea and its growing nuclear capabilities. The United States declared North Korea a grave threat to the disarmament cause. This treaty was named Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons and will be open for signatures next month.

It is also a satire that the states who have stable economies try to acquire nuclear weapons to enhance their security as Iran tried to enrich weapon grade Uranium, North Korea conducted nuclear tests and tests a variety of nuclear capable missile. So the Nuclear Weapon States asserted that what would be the security condition of the world when nuclear stated abandoned nukes while other states keep on working. As far as the concern of Japan, Japan already adheres to the policy of non-possessing and producing nukes but they also deny any nuclear test on its territory. The major cause of their resolve is that it is the only state that had ever come under attack.

By keeping in view the point of both parties, it will never be possible for them to reach an agreement. Thus the world will continue to face the possession of nuclear weapons but the assertion what they make that these are the weapons for self-defence, a justified argument but what if situation erupted and the world has to observe nuclear war. That will be unaffordable to the world.

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