Calls To Trump? White House Confirms That Did Not Happen

President Donald trump made a speech to Boy Scouts of America at its National Jamboree where 40,000 scouts and other volunteers were present in West Virginia. In his speech, President Trump celebrated his election victory, criticised media houses, made rhetoric remarks against opponent candidate Hilary Clinton and criticised President Barack Obama for his policies mainly when he did not attend the events of scouts during his years of office. He also remembered his incredible victory and makes the listeners remember the moments of his victory by asking the time when screen became red, a colour of Democrats. Mr trump was delivering a speech while the crowd chanted we love Trump-We love Trump and it seems as it was an election protest in favour of Trump.

It was a big non-political gathering where scouts from every political affiliation were present. The chief of organization Michael Surbaugh found it against the spirit of an event and issued a statement by saying that it was never their intent to set the stage for political attacks against opponents. In addition to it, he asserted that American President has been invited to the Jamboree since 1937 but it was never used for political atrocities. He further asked for an apology to those whose political affiliations were hurt and expressed grief for letting the stage open for such speech because he wanted to keep scouting away from politics. After his words, national media give a new height to his story and Trump has to respond his comments.

Besides all his concerns, scouts spoke the trump and said that it was the best speech ever made to them as trump told Wall Street Journal. Later, organization chief denied the news that no representative of scouts called Trump but it came to light that it was made in person. After the statement issued by scouts, white house confirmed that no scout spoke to trump on phone call but they met in person to Mr President. White House spoke person Sarah spoke to media that scouts approached Trump and offered powerful compliments. She accepts that it does not mean it did not happen but it was not as it was described.  Though scouts responded in a certain way White House did wait for their confirmed statement. Meanwhile, another issue of phone call erupted in which Mexican President Trump and asked him not to build a wall on the Mexican border and exchange some unethical words. It is to be noted that Trump promised during his Presidential campaign that he would build a wall on the Mexican border. Though Americans supported the cause but the actual victims, the Mexicans showed anger on this step. Moreover, President has been under severe criticism for his policies and speeches on public events in which he undauntedly speaks against Republican. Keep visiting us for more news regarding burning issues of the day.


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