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Loneliness Has Worst Effects On Your Mental And Physical Health

American Psychological Association held an annual convention in which they presented the impacts of loneliness on normal human life and according to two meta-analyses, Association experts declare it a global epidemic as it caused in decreasing life span and pre mature mortality. It can be proved a big threat than obesity and literally kill you in your own house. It is a social disorder, unlike the others whose subject is individual but a society in this worst case scenario. Longevity is linked with highly enriching social life because it keeps a man happy and full of his dreams while loneliness cuts it through 50%. Different studies on the millions of people concluded that social isolation and solitude are posing risk factors to human life. The convention concluded that with the presence of agitation on a social level, it is anticipated that rate of loneliness is likely to increase.

Impacts of Loneliness

On searching physical impacts of loneliness, it appears as the immune system of people with high social interaction is strong than those who prefer loneliness and social isolation, become more sensitive. Resultantly, they can easily be the prey of different viruses and epidemics may lead to severe diseases. Their antiviral capacity becomes low continuously and they cannot prevent heart diseases because it pushes the cortisol, a hormone, caused by high blood pressure following heart strokes and cancer viruses.  The researchers concluded that a certain degree of social interaction can lead you in living a happy life because of the course, you spend time with your friends, family and other beloved ones that avoid your hormones to get stressed and normalizes body functions like normal blood pressure.

Besides impacts on the functions of the heart, it poses threats to the working of the brain lead to the trauma under which man prefers to live alone, finally becomes pain personality. A research conducted at Neuroscience Research Australia concluded that certain experiences cause trauma to the brain which changes the human personality dramatically. Following this trauma, a man tries to seek refuge somewhere he can relieve his pain and do not hesitate from taking drugs because they start thinking themselves culprits and want to punish themselves, another worst case scenario.

A recent census in the United States of America found that a quarter population of USA is living alone and these findings are closely comparable to the finding of Psychological Association as an increasing number of populations are living in social isolation. Social Isolation not only affects the isolated community but also it spoils the beauty of society. It is a fundamental need of humans to get involved in interaction with other people where people can take of each other and crucial for the survival of society. The whole society should stand up for the revival and survival of society that can decrease a disease rate of over all society and more than half of the psychological victims can come back to their normal life.

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