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You Will Be Surprised To Know That Laziness Is The Sign Of Intelligence

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Yes, congratulations to the lazy people. A research at Florida Coast University has found that the lazy people are more intelligent than active people because lazy people spent their hours in thinking different things and do not get bored while active people are more physical in their activities, thus they are less intelligent as they do not get bored and avoid extra thinking. Though it seems crazy, researchers have proved it through correlational experiments on a certain number of people by engaging them into different questionnaires. Todd McElroy conducted this study through the psychological test and identified two groups of people. Todd McElroy enrolled 60 students and divide them into two groups like thinkable and not-thinkable by concluding one group prefers a desire to think while the other one is not ready to consume their mental energy on thinking.

After engaging them into questionnaires, their physical activities were monitored over a week and found that people who think remain less active during working days of the week while who do not bother to think remained busy in work and in addition to it, weekend made no difference. For this purpose, researchers asked them to wear a device on their wrists by which their activities were monitored for over a week. The questionnaire like the need for cognition designed in such a way that the answers given by the subject determine what would he like to do whether he chooses to think or chooses to get work done.

Resultantly, it proved that the people who intend to think and act accordingly are more intelligent than those who only intend to do work and physical activities. Despite all success, there is an alarming that weekend activities made no major differences in both groups which are still need to be addressed. The major purpose of the study was not to discover are lazy people are really intelligent but to diagnose health issues of intelligent people. It appears as intelligent people like to do paper work and spend more work in their offices while less intelligent people like to do physical activities. Their dull routine makes them ill and thus they would not be able to do more work on the table well because it is well-established fact that a sound body has a sound mind. This research was conducted to resolve the health issues of these intelligent people.

He proposed in a research that no matter how much intelligent these people are but still they are less active. They should enhance their physical activity level for their good health to bear mental stress while working. By conducting this study, he intended to aware these people about the significance of good mental and physical health, he said that less active people must be aware of their less activeness and cost it may pose to their health. then it would up to the people whether they adopt an active attitude or not. Keep visiting us for further health related issues and their significance in our one more lives.


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