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Diet Plan For Good Mental Health And Memory Is Here

The world is becoming more conscious and fast and in this mechanic world, everyone is busy in keeping himself healthy to enjoy the life in a better way. People take care of their heart to avoid chances of diabetes, people take care of their weight and start dieting but no one takes care of the operating system of the body, a mind. It is the most complex creation the universe ever witnessed but we do not take good care of it. When it stops working, man is more a fish out of the water.

There is another debate about mental health as elders usually say to engage the mind in logical thinking so that it can think critically but they totally forgot to tell us about the fuel of mind that can keep it thinking more logically. The only way to enhance mental health is through your guts that have its own nervous system. There are certain nutrients that can help you in getting good mental health and sharp memory. In addition to it, mental health is not just an issue, it must be capable of accessing rapid records hidden in the mind, we can say memory. One should take good care of it too.

Fatty Fish

As human brain is largely made up of fats but our body does not produce such amount of fats that can compete with them so it becomes necessary for us to take extra fats from outside like omega-3s to meet our needs. Fatty fish like seaweed, chicken fed on flaxseed and walnuts causes to reduce chances of depression and schizophrenia.


Glucose is the basic thing that provides energy to the cells of mind which are extracted through carbohydrates. These carbohydrates maintain the blood sugar level in the body which prevents stress to the mind due to high blood pressure. In this regard, grain makes a huge contribution for working of the mind and prevents stress. There are some healthy sources of complex carbohydrates such as oats, whole-wheat products, wild rice, bulgur, beans, soy and barley.

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It contains Vitamin K and folate that prevent blood clotting in the mind and boosts cognitive functions which enhance memory and concentration level on tasks under performance. It contains a lot of fats that also pose healthful effects on brain and make its working smooth. It is interesting to know that it is the fruit that has the lowest amount of sugar and highest levels of protein.


It is a wonderful maxim that great things do come in small packing and blueberries hold this maxim true in terms of their benefits which are much more than its size. It contains high antioxidants like Vitamin C, Vitamin K and fibre that helps the mind to prevent stress and degeneration.

These are the natural nutrients by which nature has blessed us. these are the really magical things that can add magic to our minds