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E-Cigarettes Are Helpful In Quitting Smoking By Nicotine Replacement


Nicotine is an alkaloid, nitrogen containing chemical is produced through plants, mainly from tobacco plants through synthesized process. To take nicotine, people smoke tobacco plants through cigarettes containing a large amount of nicotine in them. When people become addicted to it, it becomes difficult for them to quit smoking unassisted but still, there is a considerable number of people who quit smoking successfully.  A research published in Sydney University, Australia stated different methods of quit smoking but there is no workable method unless you are not willing to do so. People may think that herbal remedies, hypnotism, therapies, the inclusion of religious provisions can assist in this regard but nothing can help but your own will power.

To quit smoking is not such a big issue by the way. When you quit smoking, your blood pressure goes down but it does not mean you will feel low or dead like without a cigarette as it has many other benefits to the body. When you do not smoke for 12 hours, carbon mono-oxide levels go the normal stage which means you can maintain those levels just through not smoking. Besides all, you will feel a headache, irritation, fatigue, hunger and sleep trouble but believe in the fact that it is not un-tolerable. There are some other practical methods of quit smoking as well.

Nicotine Replacement Therapy

Another contributing factor in this regard is that the most effective way of quitting smoking is the one which has publicized and well-advertised irrespective of its practicability by marketing and promotional factors as Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) was advertised by the media as a primary cure to smoking. Though it was widely publicised only 4% of victims can get access to it which shows the failure of this therapy 93%. But this therapy can make you feel like you are fighting a cause; quit smoking, so it can lead you to be successful in what you have resolved.


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E-cigarettes are a new entry in the world of smoking containing electric particles and artificial flavours but do not consume nicotine. House of Representatives Committee took into consideration the use of e-cigarettes on 6th July as more than 300 people submitted proposals that people can be avoided from taking nicotine through e-cigarettes. Most of the people wrote about their personal experience of quitting and their improving health to let other people know about workable methods but what are the effects they pose on society because it is their personal experience which does not become obligatory to others. By using E-Cigarettes, you will feel like smoking but in fact, you are not taking nicotine, thus when you quit e-cigarettes, you will not feel any setbacks of quitting.

Self-Selection Bias

These are real experiences and true testimonies what people have shared but when it becomes to overall generalization, it loses its credibility of working in every person because of self-selection. Thus subjectivity and biases occur in the personal stories which do not hold true for all people and consequently, it cannot be considered the successful method of cessation. It implies that it is one sided process and it should be kept in the same way.