Mr Ayub from a Town is Showing the World that Not All Heroes Wear Caps!


This world is full of unpredictable things that we can’t even think of. Every day we get up, get dressed and walk out to face the fiasco but there are little mighty souls that lower the burden and help this planet to be a better place for living. Yes, it is not only the scenario of a Hollywood film where a Superman comes and save the world from the invading powers. These people really exist and re-establish our trust in optimism, nobility and hope.

Same is the example of a man named M. Ayub who devoted the whole of his life in providing education to deserving kids. His open-air school is the only place where less-fortunate people can crave their ways to the noble fortune through education. Mr Ayub, who’s remained unknown for so many years until now but never longed for fame and continued his ambition alone.

His story might seem like a film but that’s real life films take their inspiration from, eh?

Mr Ayub, born in Mandi Bahaodin which is a small city in Pakistan, moved to the capital city Islamabad in the search of a reasonable job after the death of his father. That was the tragic turn f his life when his father took his promise to raise his siblings and to educate them in a good way before dying. In Islamabad, all he could find was a lower-leveled job in a local emergency control company where he learned firefighting, first aid skills and bomb disposing skills. During his entire journey, he never forgot about his siblings and family and kept on supporting them emotionally and financially. He was ambitious to do something great and to make his late father proud.

As he stated, once he saw a little boy cleaning the table at some hotel and he felt like seeing his own younger brother doing the chores for other people just to get some pennies to afford some food. His heart just skipped a beat and he went and offered him to study for at least two hours with him. That was just the beginning and when he felt like he can offer this help to a lot of children over there, he didn’t step back. He invited many children in the community who were working in some workshops and at other places violating the rules of child-labor. At that moment he had a small number of students who were studying Basic English, Math, Science and Urdu with him. He was a poor man so he couldn’t afford a building for his self-made school but that didn’t hold him back and the humble sky became his shelter.

Now, Mr Ayub has been devoting his time, energy and love for the education of these less-fortunate kids like him and his siblings for more than 30 years. He has even got a small team of well-educated volunteer students who help him to teach the street children the basic subjects.

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Do you think that this power game among people has diminished the good in this world? No, it has not because people like Ayub do exist and call you to bring the humble human within you out so that all of us could spend life equally on this planet.

Mr Ayub was recently nominated for the pride of performance award by Irfan Siddique who is an assistant to the Prime Minister of Pakistan. While talking about his journey, Mr Ayub told the media in Lahore that he always wanted to educate his siblings as per his father’s wish and that’s what urged him to offer the helping hand to other kids like him. To him, education is an important part of life and nobody should stay deprived of it just because they haven’t got any money.

Irfan Siddique, who selected Ayub for the award at the end, said to the media that people like Ayub are much needed by our society to make this world a better place.

HOLA, this man has shown that all heroes don’t wear caps and you don’t need any super power to save the world for misfortune. All you need to do it to have faith in yourself, bring the best of you out and act accordingly.

Take the inspiration and don’t forget to tell us how does seeing so much good in the world make you feel?