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Doing Different Tasks Can Distract Your Attention And Here Is How To Focus

How to make brain more focusing

The brain is the basic organ of human being that controls our body functioning and keep us aware of our surroundings. Most people do not take care of their brain make it addicted to stress and disordered thinking which is not a good practice for its health. though we take good care of our bodies and parts, usually it does not cast in our attention. Thus, there occur some mental problems and it cannot work properly. The most common observation is that stressful mind cannot think with consistency and finally does not focus on tasks being performed. To make the brain more focusing and get better results of mind usage, there are some tips that might help you in this regard.

To make it more focusing, first, we take into account the types of attentions which we usually acquire.

  • Selective Attention

In selective attention, man focuses on a single task and disregards other tasks and tries to stay focused on that.

  • Divided Attention

Divided attention or switching attention is dual or multi tasked attention as you have to consider different dimensions and focus on all dimensions time to time. Driving a car is the best example when you focus back and forth while driving and hangouts too sometimes.

  • Sustained Attention

Sustained attention implies that to keep a focus on a certain task for a long time though it becomes bored with time comes. The brain tries to distract on different thinking routes but you fight against it to remain focused. As noises, sensitivities and flashing lights generate disruptions in mind cells and caused neural activities which distract the mind from focusing.

Causes of distraction

According to the mental studies, social media is a big cause of losing focus because you find a large number of data with different connotations that makes your mind more complex and resultantly, you forget what you have seen or read before. This study suggests that it is worse than a sleeping disorder or even smoking marijuana. Electronic connectivities effect the electronic powers of the brain.

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How can it be achieved?


Studies on mental performance concluded that man should do creative work first with fresh mind and mind has enough energy to consume on creative works due to dimensions of creativity while preferring simple paper work to do in end. In this way, you can train your mind to engage in creative work fast.


The brain is made up of cells like threads that perform different functions like muscles do.  So train your mind like a muscle and enable it to stay focused. Though multitasking is a good habit and brain adopts is quick while you lose your ability to stay focused on single or selective tasks. By doing multitasking, we train our minds to be unfocused. You should develop your mind in engaging selective tasks with much focus and then attain good levels of sustained attention.

We hope you find this article beneficial for your brain health. keep visiting us.