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Woman Called 911 during Snake Attack “I have a Boa constrictor Stuck To my Face”

A 45 year old woman rescued by a firefighter after she was being attacked by a  boa constrictor, wrapped around her neck and biting her nose in SHEFFTELD LAKE, OH (WOIO).


On Thursday afternoon, crews arrived to the woman’s home on East Lake Road and found, she laid in the drive way and 5 ft snake wrapped around her neck and biting her nose. The woman has two boa constrictor and nine ball pythons. She told the 911 on call, there was blood everywhere, the Sheffield Lake Fire Department operator said.

During call to 911, operator can be heard saying, “I have never heard of this before.”

Firefighter removed the snake from woman’s face by cutting his head.

The first responsibility was to save the woman life, Mayor of Sheffield, Dennis Bring said.

“I’m just really pleased with the paramedics response and you know the thought, to think that quick to take out a pocket knife. obviously he had to destroy the snake but he had no other choice,” said Mayor Bring.

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The dead snake threw into a dumpster at Sheffield City Hall.

The woman then rushed to an area hospital for injuries. Friday, an empty cage snake found on her front yard.

She declined an on camera interview.

Mayor Bring says he believes she’s disturbed and thinking about her other pet snakes.

“I would imagine the bite was very painful so she’s gonna have to put up with that while too. And now she’s gonna have to make a decision on whether she continues to do this. But, we’ll see,” he said.