Northeast Phoenix: Seven Month Old Baby Died after Being Left in the Hot Car by Family

Northeast Phoenix, a seven-month-old kid has died because he had left in the hot car by family.

The family parked the car near 44th street in a residential neighborhood.

According to police, family might returned from their work, parked the car and forgot that baby was still inside the car.

It is not yet clear that how many hours baby remained in the car, but according to police, it would be several hours before a family member found the child and called 911.

About 4p.m. a half hour earlier, neighbor said, he was in the backyard of that family to clean their pool.

“The owner of the house came out and waved to me and acted like nothing was wrong,” said neighbor Mark Peterson.

It is frightening to think about what would happen next. “It is if I thought I walked by a car that had a dead baby in it yet,” neighbor said.

When police found the kid, it had too late.

“I never let my kid out of my sight. It’s my life,” said neighbor Steve Ohlemann, who has also a kid the same age

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“Honestly I wouldn’t know how I’d deal with it emotionally if it did happen,” said Ohlemann.

Phoenix police are now investigating the whole incident.

“Early indications are that the baby was there and family members did not know that the baby was left in the vehicle,” said Fortune.

It’s not clear how long he had been in the car, but it was believed to be “many hours,” according to fire officials.

“We talk about this type of incident, unfortunately, too much, and I think the message should be just that you check your vehicle consistently,” said Phoenix Police Sgt. Mercedes Fortune. “Make sure anybody who enters that car, for whatever reason, just takes the time to actually look and examine the vehicle to make sure that there isn’t a child or pet.”

The temperature was too high that day. It was 1010 degree. This is the first child in Arizona this year that died in a hot car.