Six Month Old baby died after days Strapped in Car seat Without food

WYOMING, Mich, a young mother has been arrested on Monday on two offensive charges for the death of her six-month-old son who allegedly went days without food.

He was strapped in a car seat in his mother’s apartment in Wyoming.

Wyoming Detective Robert Meredith wrote in his report “Johnson, admitted that Noah was under her care and no one else’s care for the last four days”.

22 years old Lovily K. Johnson is charged with offensive murder and first-degree abuse in the death of her six-month-old son Noah Edward Johnson.

District Court Judge Steve M. Timmers of Wyoming ordered her held without any bond pending to the next court appearance.

She arrived at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital on Wednesday on July 19 with her infant son, police said. He had been dead for some time.

Wyoming Detective Robert Meredith wrote in a probable cause affidavit “Upon arrival, Noah was clearly deceased and had been for some time.

“Johnson admitted to being at home multiple times a day during that time frame,’’ Meredith wrote. “She knowingly and intentionally deprived him of the necessities of life by not feeding him since Monday evening. During this time, Noah remained buckled in a car seat on the upper floor of Johnson’s apartment with no air conditioning.’’

Johnson is also a mother of a two-year-old daughter. On Friday her daughter was placed under the supervision of the state Department of Health and Human Services.

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In Court Johnson initially said she did not understand the charges. You should review the charges once again.

“Well, let me make it really clear,” Timmer said. “They alleged you killed a young child and that you physically abused it. Does that make sense you?”

She responded, “yes sir”.

“Ok, at least you understand the charges against you,” Timmer said, “Bond at this point is going to be denied and you are all set for today.”

She asked for a court-appointed attorney. She will again back in the court because hearing on August 2.

She alleged the abuse of her son occurred at a home McKee Avenue south 0f 26 Street where she had been staying. Police said when she arrived at Devos Children’s Hospital with her son about 2.35 p.m. on Wednesday. She was arrested some hours later.

According to records in Kentwood District Court, she had already charged with embezzlement of less than $20 for an incident last August at a business. She was ordered to stay away from Woodland Mall.

Kentwood District Court issued her a probation violation bench warrant last week included failing to pay fines and court costs, filing to seek and secure a job and not performing community services.

Johson was also in a tumultuous relationship with her husband included a child support and a personal protection order. He pleaded guilty after the loss of his son.