Teenagers Who filmed and Mocked the Drowning Man Charged for their Involvment

From Florida, the group of teenagers who recorded and mocked the drowning man last week has been charged for their role in his death, according to authorities.

The charges against these 5 teenagers who filmed and mocked of 31-year-old Jamel Dunn, when he drowned in a pond on July 7 were not explained in a press conference, News 13 reported.

Heart Breaking Video, Teenagers Filmed the Drowning of Disabled man and Laughed at him

But  Cocoa Police Chief Micheal said, there is no any act to charge the people for not reporting the officials that some one is dying, but when someone is dead it is necessary to contact the authorities.

According to Cantaloupe, police are currently in the process of filling the paperwork the state’s attorney office.

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Dunn could clearly be seen in the video when he was struggling to stay above the water in a Cocoa pond and teens between the ages of 14 and 16, watched, laughed and mocked him.

“Ain’t nobody going to help you, you dumb *****; you shouldn’t have got in there,” one of the teens can be heard saying in the video.

Then later Dunn drowned.

The names of those 5 teenagers are currently hidden and not released to the public.

Police initially said that the teenagers were unlikely to face any charges because they weren’t directly involved in Dunn’s death.