Marietta mom left child at home to go clubbing, ask neighbors for food, police say

Marietta, a mother was arrested after an apparent night of clubbing that ended very badly. According to police, the mother’s absence provoked her 11 years old daughter to seek a meal from the neighbors. Police said when they reached the place where the girl lived was in a very poor condition.

Deborah Ann Oats lived at the Laurel Hills Reserve Apartment complex on Bells Ferry Road. Friday evening, she jailed on a charge of offence child cruelty in the second degree.

Last Saturday evening, according to Oats arrest warrant report, her daughter went to a neighbor’s apartment because she said she was very hungry.

According to Officer Chuck McPhilamy, Marietta Police Department, “Dispatch advised that a juvenile had gone to a neighbor’s house and stated they didn’t have food and needed something to eat.

He said police arrived first to the apartment of the neighbor who helped the child, then to her apartment which she shared with her pets and her mother.

“They found the conditions in a word I can only say deplorable, between roaches and other insects, mold and fungus, no food inside the residence, animal feces,” said Officer McPhilamy.

It also stated in the warrant, her mother was out “clubbing” and had not returned home by the time. Police got her around 3 a.m.

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The arrest warrant also stated her mother was out “clubbing” and had not returned home by the time police got there around 3 a.m.

Oats’ brother Ernest Laws said, “Five minutes of pleasure can cause you a life time of pain,”.

He said he didn’t know his sister was in jail and was shocked at the allegations.

“I’m totally shocked, honestly, I don’t know what to say,” said Laws.

Laws said tough and sparing few words in criticism of his sister and protection of his niece.

“Whatever has to be done has to be done, plain and simple. My niece is a little child, she doesn’t know better. My sister, she definitely should know better,” said Law

Oats was given a $10,000 bond. The young girl was in protective custody.