Amsterdam man rapes 15-year-old daughter which was already pregnant

New Amsterdam man has been jailed for investigation alleged by the rape with his 15-year-old daughter which was already pregnant.

42 years old suspect lives with his mother and his four children among which is the 15-year-old daughter, while his wife lives overseas, News Room reported.

This incident took place three times between December 2016 and May 2017 at their home.

According to police, the man had sex with his daughter, three times against her will, two times he had sex with his daughter when she was already pregnant for a man with she shared a relationship.

Her daughter told detectives that during the first time her father told her that he wanted to sex with her to “make passage” for the baby, but the third time she was in her room wrapped in a towel.

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It was informed that the girl’s mother has since been notified of the incident, but when confronted, the suspect denied the allegations.

She was taken to the New Amsterdam Public Hospital where she was seen and examined by a doctor on duty and medical certificate of the findings provided her.

The man was later arrested pending charges.

Investigations are ongoing.