3-Year-Old Girl Beaten by her Father Until She died During Math Lesson

From Mississippi, a 3-year-old daughter brutally beaten by her father until she died as she repeatedly missed questions during a lesson about numbers, court testimony reported.

25-year-old man Joshua Salovich, in training to be a boxer, told police in Meridian, “I killed my child”, according to Meridian Star.

“He did state that on that day, the child was giving an unusual amount of incorrect answers,” investigator Dubose said.

He said that it’s not clear yet, Salovich is the child’s biological father.

Investigator told the court in this week that father was teaching her three-year-old child Bailey Salovich “her numbers” on Friday and would “pop her with his hands on her butt and legs when she got a wrong answer”. When a child made a mistake he would also backhand her in the stomach.

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Salovich also used a bamboo rod to beat her girl, until it broke.

When the investigator asked him, “how was he hitting the girl” he reportedly told they were all in “10s”.

The child was taken to the hospital for injuries, but due to severe wounds, she died on Saturday. The innocent little girl suffered, bleeding in her lungs, in her brain and also retinal detachment, according to Time.

In the Monday court, hearing mother of the child was crying in the courtroom through most of it. Meridian Star reported.

Father faces the charges of murder with no bond.