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Here Is How Calorie Maintenance Diet Plan Help You to Lose Weight

1200 Calories Diet Plan for Quick Weight Loss

Life is a gift of God and it should be led in a healthy way while serving the human being. A man can only enjoy his being in this world if he is enjoying with good health. In order to live healthy life, experts on nutrition suggest intake of 1200 calories per day. It is quite interesting that 1200 calories are enough for ladies of all age while men cannot live healthily with 1200 calories as they possess big bodies and strong muscles. Resultantly, they have to take 1400-1600 calories. For your addition in knowledge, taking 1200 calorie diet can help you lose 2-3 pounds a week depending upon your very own efforts.The truth behind 1200 calorie consumption is that it is the safest lower level to reach while limiting your 500 calories each day to finally adopt 1200 calorie lifestyle. There are some foods which solely cover 1200 calories so it is always up to you to choose right meal plan for all three meals a day. It is universal trick to take fewer calories than you’re burning out in your daily workouts. It is most simple calendar to follow for planning some diet to lose weight. According to the experts, you can only lower your calories intake to 1200 per day because any further steps down can lead you to severe consequences such as food shortage resulting in many disease.

How to Improve Weight Loss with 1200 Calorie Diet Plan?

You can combine the 1200 calories diet plan with some light cardio or some suggested aerobic exercise. Coupling healthy food with right exercise is the best thing to do that you might like to choose for your body in order to lose more weight. Just make sure that you are staying healthily hydrated by drinking maximum water and taking right meals at the right time and the resulted weight loss is yours.

1200 Calories Menu

If you’re having trouble with choosing the right 1200 calories diet plan, you can try this one or can switch to our COMPLETE DIET PLAN FOR WOMEN TO LOSE WEIGHT to gain some better idea of how to lose weight with right food.
Breakfast Time – The Necessary Meal
1 hard boiled egg
2-3 slices of fresh mango or orange (Depending upon the season) (55 calories)
½ oatmeal bagel (154 calories)
Lunch Time
2 slice whole wheat bread (200 calories)
Salad (116 calories)
Ingredients of salad: ½ cucumber, 1 tomato, 1 cup lettuce, ½ tbsp. olive oil and 1 teaspoon of mayonnaise.
½ cup Tuna in water (90 calories)
Dinner Time
1 cup broccoli (55 calories)
3.5-ounce chicken breast cooked or finely grilled (119 calories)
½ cup brown rice (108 calories)

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The above mentioned diet plan is vigorous, workable and really helps you in fulfilling your quest of how to lose weight in the easiest possible way by offering you adequate nutrition and package to enjoy your healthy life.
Keep eating and stay healthy.
Happy eating! Happy weight loss!