Honeymooning Couple Kidnapped Woman from Grocery store and Raped Her at Motel

A newly married couple in Florida during honeymoon kidnapped and raped a woman at a motel and also stole a couple of sodas the following day, according to police.

According to Miami-Dade police, two men Timothy Lowe and Rashda Hurley kidnapped a 27-year-old woman when she was getting out her parking space. According to police Hurley comes out from his car and hit the woman on her head, that made her unconscious.

The woman told police when she woke up 32-year-old Hurley was choking her and 37-year-old Lowe was driving the car.

They arrived at a motel where they purchased a room with the woman’s debit card. Police said.

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According to the arrest report,  woman was raped and forced to perform oral sex on Hurley. After some time she escaped from there when the couple diverted their attention.

Now Hurley and Lowe has been arrested after receiving a call of store employee about a couple who stole sodas and left without paying. The Herald reported Investigators linked the suspects to the alleged assault and the woman identified one of her suspects out of a lineup.


Hurley and Lowe now jailed on kidnapping, robbery, carjacking,  and sexual battery charges and were denied bond on the kidnapping charges.