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Baby giraffe Julius died at Maryland Zoo, According to Official

Baby giraffe Julius has announced dead by Maryland Zoo as he was fighting for his life since birth, according to CBS Baltimore report.

The zoo president and CEO Don Hutchinson said in a statement “it’s hard to put our emotions into words right now”.

He said “Our veterinary staff and our animal care team put their lives on hold to try and nurse Julius back to health, and every avenue was explored. Sadly, he was unable to survive in spite of their herculean efforts”.

Julius was born on 15 June to first-time mother Kesi, but he was so weak to learn to nurse effectively and had a deficiency of antibodies to protect him from the disease.

Two transfusions of giraffe plasma were given to Julius to boost his immune system, one from the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado and the other one from the Columbus Zoo in Ohio.

Julius was also receiving a life supporting solution (total parenteral nutrition through an IV thanks) to the development and donations of solutions from Mt. Washington on Pediatric Hospital.

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According to an associate veterinarian at the zoo Dr. Samantha Sander, his condition took a sharp turn downward overnight prompting a decision to euthanize the calf.

She said, “This is certainly not the outcome we were hoping for, but we rest assured that we did everything we possibly could medically to prevent him from any distress,”.

She added, “A necropsy will be done to try and determine what put Julius at this health deficit from the beginning.”

Zoo said they created a website on Facebook to remember the baby giraffe.

“Julius impacted a large following of fans who wanted, like us, to see him thrive. The Zoo has been overwhelmed by the outpouring of support, concern, and prayers for him,” officials said on Saturday. “We simply can’t explain the positive impact your support has had on the team working day and night with him.”