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We Should Avoid Swimming In Green Water Here Is Why

  1. Blue Green Algae

A blue-green algae bacteria is also called Cyanobacteria which gets its energy through the process of photosynthesis. It formally is known as a toxic area which is normally found in water reserves mainly in clean water. Its infection can transfer rapidly from one person to another and it causes skin irritation, fever, headache, vomiting and stomach cramps. In addition to it, it causes diarrhoea, muscle and joint pain. Normally, it does not look much harmful but practically it creates many effects on the body. It is recognised poison by medical authorities and its emergency help can be sought from Poison Control Centre.

On Friday, an alert was issued by state departments that two lakes are found with a lot of blue-green algae which was closed for public visits. The lakes like Rockford Lake and Iron Horse Trail Lake in Pawnee County has been remained under observation for two weeks and then cleaned. Recently, the blue-green algae have been found in Lake Sundance in a statement issued by Alberta Health Services. It publicised some precautions in order to prevent blue-green algae to avoid eye contact, avoid swimming and to avoid use in cooking or drinking. It is highly recommended by Health departments that if anyone gets a connection with water, consulting with a physician should be a high priority. Blue-green algae are hard to see but the screening of lakes has identified the lakes with polluted water.

In the parks of New York, the presence of blue-green algae cannot be ruled out so it is the responsibility of city municipality to take precautionary measures to keep the city safe from polluted water. The municipalities have to provide water to a large number of people so it was advised by Environmental Protection Agency to add orthophosphate in drinking water to prevent poisoning of water from old rusted pipes.

Precautionary measures:

In precaution measures, park authorities should display boards near lakes to stop people from contacting water. It is quite strange that the Department of Environmental Conversion reported the presence of blue-green algae back in 2102 and recommended safety measures. Two lakes are declared “confirmed high Toxins” as one of them in Central Park and another one is Prospect Park Lake and these are abandoned by the authorities. According to updates on the departmental website, the number of lakes is ever increasing and a number of blue-green algae are considerable. The medical researchers concluded that the pets especially dogs should also be kept away from blue-green algae because they may drink water and become infected. Consequently, the disease may transfer to men which would be highly risky in society.

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These are the natural threats faced throughout the lakes in the country whether they possess less amount of blue-green algae or large. It is up to the public to avoid contact with poisoned water and remain unaffected. Boostarz provides all possible suggestions and recommendations to maintain good health and avoid disease viruses. Blue Green algae is a new medical threat which can only be prevented from avoidance..