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The World’s Oldest Bertha Has Died in Manilla Zoo

The 65-year-old hippopotamus named Bertha considered the world’s oldest in captivity has died in the Philippines.

According to the staff of Manilla Zoo, she was the longest serving resident of this Zoo. She was there since aged 7 when it opened in 1959.

Her age cannot be independently verified because zoo staff has not any paperwork about that.

But it’s considered that its typical lifespan is about 40 to 50 years.

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According to zoo director James Dichaves “Bertha was among the pioneer animals here”.

The zoo said she enjoyed a diet of fruit, bread, and grass.

Now the 2nd oldest resident is Mali who is 43 years old Asian Elephant.

From the start of this year, animal rights activists launched a petition calling for Mali to be transferred to a wildlife sanctuary in Thailand.