Teenager Survives Bear Attack After Waking to Animal ‘crunching’ on his Head

A teenage boy at a Colorado camp fought off a bear when he woke up to find the bear biting his head and trying to drag him away.


According to Colorado Parks and Wildlife spokeswoman Jennifer Churchill , at Sunday morning, the 19-year-old teenager woke up at around 4 am to a “crunching sound” and his head was in the mouth of the bear, who was trying to pull him out from his sleeping bag as he slept outside at Glacier View Ranch 77 km northwest of Denver.

The boy punched and hit the bear while other staffers who were sleeping nearby swatted and yelled at the bear, that finally left him, she said.

The man told KMGH-TV, the bear dragged him up to 12 feet before he was able to free himself.

The name of this man identified as Dylan, he treated briefly at the hospital and released.

He told “The crunching noise, I guess, was the teeth scraping against the skull as it dug in,”.

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The teen said, he teaches wilderness survival at the camp owned by the Rocky Mountain Conference of Seventh Day Adventists.

Dylan and other members which were just 12 to 13 years old also sleeping nearby. None of them were hurt.

Black bears are not mostly aggressive but have attacked many people in the western US in recent weeks.

In two separate attacks, black bears killed two people last month.

Patrick “Jack” 19 coopers of Anchorage got lost and killed during a mountain race south of Anchorage. Another contract worker Eric Johnson of Anchorage died and her co-worker injured in the mauling about 275 miles from northeast of Anchorage.

At the start of this month, 11-year-old boy Shot a bear that was charging at his family who were on a fishing expedition in Alaska.

Wildlife officer did not find any food which would have attracted the bear. So they have planned to search for the bear with dogs on Monday.

After finding the bear in the traps official will test later to see if it was the same bear involved in the attack using DNA evidence, Churchail said.