Meet the 7-year-old Girl Ava Ryan who’s Cracking up the Internet one video at a time

Meet 7-year-old cutest child Ava Ryan.

She attracts a large number of internet viewers  by a Vine video when she was just 18 months old.

Now her mother Katie Ryan and her videographer showing her 7-year-old daughter’s Ava comedic talent on Youtube and Facebook where she is attracting huge audiences.

32 years old Katie Rayan recently posted a compilation of Ava’s best when Ava is motivating joggers running by her house with her hilarious lines, “you are winning! You are winning ” this video was seen by 22 million people.

Katie told ABC News that she and her husband Daniel Ryan knew their daughter was funny from an early age.

“That’s when she developed this really good sense of humor,” she added. “When she started talking that’s when she was able to verbalize her sense of humor.”

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Another popular video of Ryan is when she was the baby, looks out of the window and says, “I smell like beef.”

Rayan further explained the hilarious comment “She told me [recently] it’s because she saw that the sky was like this pink color and it reminded her of uncooked beef. It was funny and totally random,”.

Now Ava Ryan is creating skits and characters on her own.

She informed ABC news about her next character. “I want to come up with a sailor named Winston,” she said.

Ryan said, “It’s all up to her comfort. Whatever she wants to do. I just let her make the choices.”