Gunmen Opened fire on Crowd Outside Mosque in France Leaving Eight Injured

South France,  two gunmen fired on a crowd outside a mosque and leaving 8 injured.

Avignon police are searching for the suspect who fled last night from the scene at around 10.30pm.

According to LA Provence newspaper report, two hooded men arrived at the scene outside Arrahma mosque in a Renault Clio.

One had a rifle and the other was armed with a  handgun.

At that time people were leaving the mosque when one man got out of his vehicle and opened fire.

Four people injured as the crowd ran away in a panic.

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A family of four members was in a nearby apartment which was hit by “shrapnel”.

A 7-year-old girl was also included in injured people.

Firefighter and police remain on the scene.

According to LA Provence said police any possibility of the shooting being a terrorist  attack is “completely dismissed.”

The local prosecutor said “said initial accounts pointed towards a dispute between young people”.