Controversial Muslim speaker Yassmin Abdel-Magied reveals she will Leave Australia and Move to London after her Insulting Anzac Day Remarks

The most famous and prominent Islamic public speaker, Yassmin Abdel-Magied leaving Australia for the London following months of controversy.

On Monday, TV presenter and oil rig engineer announced she was moving to the UK as part of the “Aussie rite of passage” .

She tweeted on her twitter account “Folks, it’s been fun, but I’m off to partake in the Aussie rite of passage – I’m moving to London!”

Ms Abdel-Magied sparked uproar in April with an Anzac Day Facebook post about Nauru and Manus Island.

After this she exit her overseas for some days and staying quiet during the controversy.

Now last week she wrote in a series of twitter

“Being deemed the face of all that is evil for an extended period of time does take a toll,”

“However, reality is that being a small target has not served me well at all.”

“Choosing not to defend myself and ‘let it blow over’ backfired because it hasn’t blown over.”

“Staying silent left a vacuum that other voices gleefully filled with hate and vitriol that was deeply racist.”

“+ I f I stay silent, then ‘they’ win. Then others get to define the narrative. Then those with deep institutional power r able to silence (and) I can’t abide that.”

In her Twitter Ms Abdel-Magied said she had already canned plans to join a panlediscussion at Melbourne’s Wheeler Centre.

She said

“ I’d initially cancelled, cos ya know, Australia had been getting its hate on,”.

But an activist reached out, changed her mind and said “’hey, you need to be here’.

‘Because the thing about all of this is that it is so isolating. And although ppl might tell me there is support, it’s (sometimes) hard to see.”

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“But to have someone I respect validate me and the importance of my voice on a platform, well, it made a difference.”

“Esp as I had been told time and time again that no, my voice wasn’t welcome. That I had no legitimacy to even be **in** the conversation,” she said.

According to Ms Abdul Yassmin she had disappointed some of her friends because they had not stepped to her defense in the media, pointing to a “’dearth in public support in media”.

Now just one week ago, Eric Abetz an outspoken Liberal Senator suggested her that she should move to an Arab dictatorship.

Mr Abetz wrote,

“If Ms Abdel-Magied thinks our system of government is so bad perhaps she should stop being a drain on the taxpayer and move to one of these Arab dictatorships that are so welcoming of women,.”

Ms Abdel-Magied wrote in her tweet  that women and Muslims shouldn’t be afraid to stand up for themselves.

“To those women, esp (women of colour) and Muslim, who have yet to step into the ring, don’t be afraid. Or be afraid but step in anyway.

“To those who see what has gone on and think why on earth would I subject myself to that? I hear you. But I’m here to tell you I need you too.”

“I will back you. I will stand by you. It’s hard. Oath! But you are not alone.”

“I will back you. I will stand by you. It’s hard. Oath! But you are not alone.”

“Change is long and hard… harder than I ever thought. But I’m here, at the other end. Laughing, breathing (#Alhamdulillah) and *not silent* ”

“‘I’m still standing.”

Ms Abdel-Magied apologised after posting the Anzac Day message: ‘Lest. We. Forget. (Manus, Naura, Syria, Palestine)’.