Las Vegas Police Arrested a Man Due to Having Sex with Dead Woman in Public

At Sunday, Las Vagas’s police arrested a man on the side of a central valley road after receiving the report of a sexual assault. When police reached the scene they found a dead woman there. Police arrested 57-year-old Jose G. Martine, on one count of illegal sexual penetration of a dead body.

According to the report, police arrived almost 4:30 p.m. at 2140 W. Charleston Blvd located near a church. Police arrested Jose G. Martine within a short span of time after arriving.

According to police dead woman was homeless and had no identification.

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Now Martinez is being held at Clark Country Detention Center without bail. According to the criminal, he had met the women one night before, but later she died.

Investigator determined that women had died two to four hours before this incident, according to the arrest report.

According to the Office report, she was 35 years old, but Clark Country Coroner’s office had not yet determined the cause of death.