Women’s rights

                    Women’s right is one of the most imperative thing in our civilization. People worked for women to give equal right and esteem without any discrimination. Back then, when people were unaware of the violence against the women’s rights. Women’s were treated very maladroitly and idiotically, even now women’s are facing many issues regarding cultural, economic and politics. Women’s are the back bone of the society even though we do not respect them nor give them equal privileges.
Why our society makes women endure more than men?

Our society was uneducated, people were unaware of possessions and privileges for women, and women’s suffered more and more. Another question rises at the point,

If back then people were unaware of thing then why we adopted the same manner?
Women’s used to suffer and are suffering Today as well.
Where is the change?

According to our society women’s are weak, the major misinterpretation people are into. Women’s are sturdy enough to handle the extremists of life. Only a women can handle the pain of delivering a baby, which needs vitality and vigor. A human body can only bear 45 (del) units of pain but at a time of birth a women suffers 57 (del) units of pain which equals 20 bones being fractured at the same time. Let us question our society, if women’s are weak then how is this possible? Yes people, this is possible because women’s can abide more than we can even think. So stop thinking that women’s are scrawny. Women’s are the brawniest and the strapping individuals of our society. Still they are forced to suffer much, as we are acting like amateurish and reckless individuals.
What are the sufferings?

Early marriages;
Early marriages are one of the chief cause of women’s abuses. They are forced to get married before time and are raped beaten & not even respected. Theses women’s are treated like prostitutes being raped and used and not even remunerated. Men use their wives only for their lust and entertainment. These women’s are strained to maintain silence and suffer every day. These women’s are even sold to earn money once they are done with their enjoyments. They are called are wives, Sorry it’s a mistake slaves not wives. Wives are given rights, reverence and honor in our society rather being treated this way.

Gender equality;
In our society men are the most dominant individuals provided with all rights and resources. Women’s are considered to be the scrawny individuals and are not given respect, nor any rights and resources. These women’s are enforced to suffer as it’s obligatory.

Women’s should be given equal rights in every field, if men are given every right and can enjoy their lives then why women are suffering?

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We should stand to get equal rights.

Education facilities;
Today even our society prefers men to be educated while women should stay home and work. This is the only cause our nation cannot thrive and honored, Education is the key to success and it is important for every men and women to be educated.

Unpaid tasks;
women’s struggles to get jobs and tasks to live but they are provided with bundles of work and still unpaid. On the other hand men are given more importance and respect in every field.
Why women’s are not paid?
This gender discrimination comes in every field, and women’s are the one losing and suffering.
Why we are not standing for our own rights?
We should stand for our rights and demonstrate our society that no one is ineffectual and inutile.

‘’ A women stands for herself, and as well as for others’’

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