First thing which should be focused by the word ‘’child labour” is that we have a difference between a working child continuing with her/his studies and is engaged in a manageable amount of work. On the other hand, one engaged in plenty of work, neglected educational background, beaten as well as deserted health, and this is child labor which upsets one’s mind. The major issue in Pakistan is taking bounty of work from children not even considered to be adolescent. Our law states that, ‘’we cannot take any strenuous and onerous work from children especially under eighteen, the work that will be effecting one’s health as well as more than their propensity’’. The supreme subjective of child labor is ‘’ poverty’’. Poverty is one of the chief cause of child labour, as individuals are unable to afford a living and are unable to nourish their children, and the only option they are left with, is to work for their survival.


Why child labour exists?

1. Firstly child labour exists due to poverty and very expensive education.
2. Another cause of child labour is our government, when our government fails to fulfill our basic needs.
3. When the only member earning for family dies or is physically unable to work.
4. Natural disasters like cyclones, tsunami and many other circumstances can drag these children to work for their survival.
These children are uneducated and are contrived to work to earn a living, when these children come out in this decadent and depraved society to acquire some work, we only take advantage by hampering and stilting them with enormous amount of work. We don’t realize and think that why these children are out for work instead our behavior is totally deplorable and offensive.
‘’They should perceive that these innocent children are working very hard to live and to get food’’.

Here this dismays more than anything, where children of the ages, should be passionate to be educated and to savor their lives are working negligently. These innocent children are constrained to work more and more without providing them sufficient amount of food and ease. Instead of taking enormous amount of services from these children, they should be provided with free of cost education and fulfill their requirements without taking colossal amount of work. At this point we are considered to be nation with brutal, callous, in-sensitive, ferocious and cold hearted people.


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Not only Pakistan is among the countries where child labour is common and unperceived. Our child labour percentages are not in hundreds or thousands in fact it is estimated more than millions. We should be shameful and embarrassed of these circumstances instead of living with tribute and reputation. We can never be considered as a respectful and noble individual of our nation, until we promote drastic measures to end this dilemma. Why we are not considering such children? & not providing them with equal rights, dignity and veneration. We are acting like uneducated and immoral individuals with cold hearts. These children should be provided with some veneration and a better standard of living. They are deprived and neglected children, not even loved by their own parents and are working just to get food atleast once a day. We can dispose plenty of food but we cannot provide them with little, why? They are innocent children born like others but not treated like others. Let us raise a question at this point, we as parents can take such an enormous amout of work from our children? If we cannot perform suchatrocious act with our own children, then think before burdenizing these innocent children. Because they are not landed as alone individual they also own a family and have full right to live a happy and respectful life.

Even after a number of changes occurred in our society still child labour is a big challenge. These children are not only physically affected by our individuals, in-fact they are mentally and sexually abused. It’s been a long time period, child labour is very common in almost every country, still we are not exercising any measures to resolve the most solemn issue. If Pakistan and the other countries of the world disallow services from children especially below 18, then a question arises, why these children not even 10 are contrived to work barbarously? Are we blind or we don’t want to perceive? Why we are so insouciance that we cannot even see these suffering children. They are starving to death, are not even provided with food once a day, not even educated and what are we doing as a nation? We are just taking advantage of such un-privileged and vulnerable children by taking enormous amount of work from them.

What we can do to help these children?
1. We should construct rehabilitation centers for such neglected children.
2. Should donate for the betterment of children.
3. We should aware the rural areas about the advantages of education
4. Provide free education to such deserted individuals.

‘’ We are bruised and hurt from head to toe,
It seems they feel, but have no feelings
we Are tired doing this every single day,
Why they perceive still act blind?