Few Things Feel As Great As Receiving A Birthday Surprise

This story revolves around a son and his father who is passed away. Father accidentally meets the death a month ago, before the birthday of his son. Actually, father wished to give a surprise gift to his son at the birthday party. But due to sudden death, he cannot fulfill his wish, before death he bought a beautiful birthday card and an expensive guitar for his son as a birthday gift. This was the 16th birthday of his little son.


The story told by his elder daughter who met with a guitar instructor. That instructor told her that he wants to show her something amazing. As she saw the birthday card and gift, she got shocked and can’t remain but happy. When she looked at that gift, she was in tears and thought that dad always showed surprises at every birthday party.


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This was Johnny’s first birthday without a dad. But it was necessary for me to keep it secret for Johnny until his birthday. At the next day, I woke up early and take my younger brother to the guitar shop to show up that dad’s surprise. When the card and birthday gift presented to Johnny that was the moment where someone can feel that few things in life are greater than receiving a birthday gift.

On receiving the card Johnny’s reaction was noticeable and was a precious sight of showing love for the father of a son. He was feeling that love which he was missing after his father’s death. Firstly, he was shocked to see the birthday card, but when he received a guitar by music shop as the gift there a mixed feeling of sorrow and happiness. He was sad and feeling sorrow because he was missing his dad much than a gift. He was also happy at receiving this precious gift as he was before his father’s death.

The elder daughter and youngest son both were grateful to the music center who tried to help their father’s dream alive in the form of securing the gift till the son’s birthday.