Deaf Singer Earns Simon’s Golden Buzzer With Original Song

A girl Mandy Harvey having no sense of hearing tries to touch the height of popularity at world’s famous reality show “America’s Got Talent”. She is succeeded and won Simon’s golden buzzer.  She lost her hearing at the age of 18 and now she is 29 years old.

She told to the Simon that she started singing at the age of 4 but after the loss of hearing, she gave up. After 10 years she tries to do something new in her life. As she said that I want to do something with my life in spite of just giving up.

In reply to a question by Simon, she said that she suffers from connective tissue disorder and her nerves gone deteriorated. Then she started to understand the things by visual description and feeling the pitch of voice being barefooted through a floor. Her father gave her support to survive this disaster.

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Simons ask from her that how you can understand the tempo and beat of the music and she replied him with wondrous words that she can feel the tempo and beat of the music through floor’s vibrations.  Simon’s reaction was noticeable at her answer. All the judges feeling shocked about the reality which they knew about that deaf girl.

Then she sings a song and leaves everybody in an awful situation. Her pitch was so appealing and attractive that made everybody compels to raise their hand in her honor. Judges were also amazed after hearing her amazing voice and leave their seats for the tribute to her.