3 years before This Guy Rescued a little Dog in Miserable Condition and Now He is looking So Awesome

This is the story of American kind-hearted citizen who found a poor little dog in the middle of a flood on the east side of Atlanta (the capital of U.S state of Georgia). He posted his story on his social media account and got the positive response from thousands of people. In his amazing story, he said to the people that the dog was sitting on a mailbox, looking very pitiable. He pulled over the dog towards him; dog immediately came to him without any hesitation and wagging his tail.

At that time he was looking incredibly skinny and rough. The short story is that the dog had been found in the woods for over 3 months because he ran away from an animal in the hoarding situation. Then he instantly loaded him up and took him home.

This is the first picture of that dog when he was come and was so much dirty. They didn’t know that how much time bathing the dog for cleaned him.

This is the picture of his first morning. Here you can see his extremely exhausted situation. He slept pretty much in the first 3 weeks after they found him.

The next morning he told that he took him to his nearest veterinary clinic for a check-up, and the doctor said that the dog was 25 lbs under weight, not tagged, not chipped and most worms a dog could have, including ring, round, hook and heartworms.

Then they proceed to brush out all his knots. His tail looked like one big dreadlock. Then they pick all the ticks. They said that they pick 200 ticks over in 2 to 3 days.

After 3 days he was looking so much better.

They had kept him separate from the other dog until he was cleaned up and tick free because he had already one more golden dog.

He got a name Bran because he was found in a branner street.

He told that the Bran quickly becomes his shop dog due to his calmness and passiveness.

This is another picture during the treating of ringworm flare up.

Now he is so happy in this home.

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He helps out with the laundry.

Bran and Addie the other golden dog he has.

According to this kind man “when I come home, he must find the nearest object to bring to me. If he can’t find his toys, the next in line is a shoe or a remote.”

He got the coins from his purse and give them to him, so he had taken him to work to monitor him. It means he did so well at the office.

Addie and Bran fight with each other to get his affection.

And there snuggling is ended when he is busy.

He loves bath so much.

Looking so handsome.

After 6 months of his rescue, he gained a lot of weight and was 100% worm free.

Now after three years of posting this amazing story, he again posted his beautiful little dog on his social media account. In his present picture, he looks more healthy and beautiful.

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